Home Goods in Chandler

While we were in Phoenix, Melissa, Sean, Michelle, Matt and I stopped in at the Home Goods store. As expected, all kinds of goodies were found!

Of course I had to check out the BABY stuff.  I was very tempted to p/u this cute little hat - which just happened to have a 'C' for Charlie on it!  But then decided not to because I thought maybe it was kinda girly-lookingWhat I really loved was that awesome little green stool!!  (If only I could've figured a way to fit it in my suitcase!)

Awesome ottomans...the turquoise ones were beautiful and so fresh looking.  The ones on the bottom shelf were covered in a gray/taupe lizard material.  Very cool. I really liked all of these!
This wall sculpture would have been perfect in M&M's guest bathroom (my bathroom!)  The colors were just right, but Michelle didn't care for the flowers. So at the store it stayed.    

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Poor Matt had taken as much shopping as he could, and then conveniently found a sofa to crash on.  He was an excellent chauffeur for us!!!

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