The Girls at the Ghetto Spa

Michelle and I had purchased Groupons for a treatment at a Phoenix spa, so all four of us decided to go get a massage together.  It sounded really good online, but...
in reality, it turned out to be not quite what we had expected.

They were totally disorganized, the place needing cleaning, we were left waiting for way too long and Melissa got royally jipped on her pedicure!!  In an effort to make up for the long wait, they offered a 'free' sauna to Michelle & I.  We were pretty excited about going into the sauna room, until we got stuffed into a portable, stand-alone sauna  built for one, stashed way in the back of the salon, with a folding screen for the dressing area!  There was barely room for us to squeeze into the little sauna - it was hilarious!  We cracked up over it.  In fact, Michelle had trouble controlling herself in there...(water spitting incident on my side of the sauna?!)

And poor Meliss had her pedi done in an open area like a hallway, rather than a room, with a student sitting next to her the whole time, observing.  And it was clear in the back too...right next to the beauty sauna!!
Not exactly the relaxing experience she had in mind.

But on the bright side, Seanee got a really good facial, and my massage was wonderful.  Michelle's massage was pretty good too, but didn't include all of the features that mine did (hot towels on back, hands & feet...ahhh!)!

The owner was really nice and was trying very hard to make it a good time for us.  She even served us champagne and chocolate for heaven's sake, so in all fairness, I have to give her points for that.  
All in all it was OK, and at least makes for a funny memory if nothing else!

Seanee, Melissa and Michelle in the 'Relaxation Room' waiting for our massages/pedis.  It was more like being stuffed in a closet!
Unfortunately, there were only 3 chairs in there, but luckily there was a tuffett...
just right, for Little Miss Muffett Michelle!!
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