Miss you, Dad

I miss you Dad, it's been so long,
Ten years have passed since you've been gone.

Your big bear hug is what I miss
And on my cheek a loving kiss.

You made me smile instead of frown,
Every time I came to town.

And then one day, not long ago
You couldn't stay, you had to go.

The illness inside you had been a hard test,
But through it all you gave it your best.

All of those days you faced with such pride
And hid that great pain way deep down inside.

You fought so hard to stay a little longer,
No man could ever have been any stronger.

I was filled with such sadness as you slipped away,
Knowing in my heart it would be our last day.

I miss you with fondness and love in my heart,
But you're with me in spirit~we're not really apart.

I love you, Dad

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