It's in Lakeside!?!

Are you kidding me????  This auspicious event is being held in my hometown of Lakeside, California. Wow, nothing says 'hometown pride' more that the annual beer belly contest.          Kinda makes me all misty-eyed just thinking about it...

Yep, he looks like a Lakesider all right!
  via Eventful:  Beer Belly Contest! 
If you're the competitive type and prefer Pabst Blue Ribbon over soda water, this could be your moment: A Lakeside bar will stage a novel competition - a beer belly contest.

Why beer bellies? Why Lakeside? New to the area, are you??
As a co-owner of the establishment, Eastbound Bar & Grill, likes to say: "East County and beer bellies go hand-in-hand."

The contest will be held Feb 12th from 1 pm to 2 pm at the business on 10053 Main Street as part of a day-long, all-age celebration marking the bar's first anniversary, recently named the best burger joint in East County.

Co-owner Marco Rodriguez said he's not sure yet how the bar will determine the winner, but said audience feedback will likely be a factor, along with belly size.
The winner will be crowned on the spot and hold the title "Mr. Beer Belly 2011."

The eatery has booked two bands to play after the contest - Cold Shower and Love Handles.
I have no further comment.

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