Harvest Gold, anyone??

While purging kitchen cabinets, I've unearthed a few old relics that I've decided to part with.  This Pyrex baking dish is among the soon to be dearly departed.  After several house moves and many a casserole dinner when the kids were little, it's still actually looking pretty good!  It was a wedding gift we received, in 1970.  Harvest Gold was in it's prime, baby!!
These white dishes were also a wedding gift, and have served us very well over the years.  Rather than recycle these, I'm going to keep them and add to the collection because I really like the versatility of white plates.  They're Corelle and are still on the market!  The new updated design is just slightly different than these.


  1. LOVE white placesettings! We registered for a C&B set when we got married and I use them for everything (and am adding to them as well!).

  2. I love them too, Morgan!! Maybe I should check out C&B for my 'additions".