Ok, so I’m heading to work this morning in ‘positive attitude’ mode, ready for a fresh start to the week. 
Last night’s rain has washed away the oppressive smog in the valley, and it’s a balmy 44˚(really warm for January in Utah!)  Then I start seeing rather ominous signs along the way. This cannot be good.

First off, about a mile away from the house, I get my 1st glimmer of recognition that I am in fact wearing navy blue pants, not the black ones I thought I was wearing. But I am wearing black shoes and a black sweater. Oh, great. How embarrassing. How could I have not noticed this in all the time I was getting ready at home??

Then I passed a little Bambi on the side of the highway, who had himself passed, to that great forest in the sky.  For a flash of a second, he looked just like a German Shepherd, like my sweet granddog, Kaya.  Oh, no!!

Then as I headed closer to Ogden, I noticed that our (otherwise clear) sky was completely grey and ugly, right over the hospital, right where I was going!  This can’t be happening.

But fortunately, everything was just fine once I got there. The sun came out to play, and nobody even noticed my mismatched pants. (Or at least they were kind enough to not mention it!)   Michelle called and said that Kaya is swimming in the pool today and happy as a clam. I had a very nice chat with my wonderful boss, and enjoyed a soothing cup of delicious hot tea.

I can already tell it’s going to be a good week. Oh man, what a relief!

Cute Kaya

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