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Wine drinkers 'follow their own path in life,' a survey says

January 12, 2006|By Cyril Penn

  • paul mabray
    Women buy more wine in the United States than men, and a recent survey shows they prefer to drink it in small, intimate gatherings. Chronicle photo by Craig Lee
    Credit: Craig Lee
Wine drinkers are confident, savvy adventure seekers, according to a new study commissioned by San Francisco's Wine Institute.

The national survey of 2,442 consumers by Yankelovich and the Segmentation Co. also found that California wine ranks first in favorability and familiarity with U.S. wine consumers by a wide margin. The survey asked wine consumers about their familiarity and consumption of wines from 12 different U.S. and foreign regions.

The research showed that wine consumers stand out from the U.S. population in several ways and, in general, are more likely to:
Be open to new experiences
Follow their own path in life
Be confident and information-savvy consumers
Desire intangibles, experiences and emotions
Have their life priorities in order

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