Hubby and I got a lot of yard work done this weekend and finally finished up everything on a long-needed reno of our front yard.  It's so nice to sit back and see the finished product, and makes it worth all of the sore muscles, itchy eyes and ruined manicure!

However, while I was trimming some bushes this morning, I suddenly felt something on my leg.  Thinking it was a twig, I tried to just brush it away but it was still there.  Then I actually looked and there were about a hundred tiny ants crawling all over my foot & making their way up to my knee.  *GROSS*  Turns out I was standing right on top of a huge ant bed!! 
The good news.....at least it wasn't a snake.

Note to self:
Always look - before stepping - in the bushes.
(It's particularly good to remember this when wearing flip-flops.)

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