Beatles in SD ~ 44 years ago!

Well, I can't honestly say that it "feels like only yesterday" but it sure doesn't seem like 44 years ago either! But 44 years ago today, my Dad braved the crowds of screeching young girls at the old Balboa Stadium by taking me and my two sisters, Jere & Jeannine along with our next-door neigbor, Evelyn, to see The Beatles.....LIVE, in concert, in person. We were excited beyond belief!!!
The entire concert lasted only 30 minutes (for Dad, hardly even worth the drive down there & the parking nightmare) and the price of a general admission ticket was just $3.50 - what a bargain! My, how times have changed.
We were all on Cloud 9 that night, even though we weren't able to hear ANY of the singing! The high-pitched screams of thousands of young girls entirely drowned out all of the music, but that didn't really matter. All we cared about was actually seeing John, Paul, George & Ringo in person! We were so lucky to have had this incredible experience at that time of our lives, and we'll never forget it.

Tonight a San Diego radio station played an original recording of that concert. It was great! It was so neat to be able to listen to it, and to re-live the memories of that night.

This is the news release for the event: The Walrus Celebrates The Beatles in San Diego Tomorrow at 5 p.m.! Forty four years ago, on August 28th, 1965, The Beatles visited Balboa Stadium for their only San Diego Concert. Thousands of San Diegans were there, and tomorrow, 105.7 The Walrus will relive the moment. "Mason in The Morning" and Frank Anthony will present a "live" Beatles Concert at 5 p.m. with a "live" broadcast from the stadium backstage. The concert features John, Paul, George and Ringo at the height of "Beatlemania" in The United States with songs like "She Loves You", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Help" and a dozen more. It will be presented on The Walrus commercial free. Make sure your dial is tuned to 105.7 The Walrus at 5 tomorrow afternoon. Can't get to a radio? You can always listen online at


  1. I still love Paul - yeah, yeah, yeah! And, you're right, we could finally hear what they were singing.
    It did bring back a flood of great memeories. Janelle, it also reminds me of our first Beach Boys concert at Russ Auditorium. We were even younger for that one and that Dad took us to that concert and then, as we found out after the concert, that Dad sat in the back watching it too, makes me laugh now. He helped shape my long love affair with both the Beatles and the Beach Boys. xoxoxo, Jere

  2. Yes, that 1st Beach Boys concert was incredible too!! How lucky were WE? As I recall, we had awesome seats near the front and could actually hear the music, see each of the Wilson brothers, and sing along to all of the songs! Was the Russ Auditorium at SD High School? Were these the tickets we won on the radio? KGB?
    It HAS been quite a long love affair...I still love Paul too, after all these years. The recent Letterman "concert" on top of their marquis on Broadway was awesome. The tourists who were in NYC that day were so lucky!

    (Thank goodness Dad was such a good sport about hauling us around town!!)
    Thanks again, Dad.

  3. Okay, that is too cool!! What a great memory, made better only because your Dad new how important it was to you and your sisters, what a guy!! Manja