Sweet Sean

Our beautiful Sean just turned 20 years old on January 10th.  My how the time has flown by!  
Baby Girl is all grown up!!
All of us who were there when she was born will never forget that Sunday night on January 10, 1993.  There was an incredibly awful snow storm that blew in, and we were all 'held captive' at the hospital. Roads were closed, lights were out, and it seemed like everything shut down for the big event. 
Talk about grandstanding ;)   
And Seanee still likes to be on stage to this day!!

We're all so proud of what a wonderful young woman she has become. Besides being an all-around fabulous and amazing girl, she keeps busy going to college, working as a receptionist, singing with her group, and teaching singing lessons to young girls!  
I'm a very proud Grandma!!! 

Just for fun, I found this excerpt from the Salt Lake Tribune regarding the storm on Seanee's birth day:
  • The maximum snow depth recorded in the city was 26 in on January 11, 1993.  
  • January 1993 was the snowiest month on record, with 50.3 inches. 
  • The record single storm snowfall occurred January 10, 1993 with 23.3 inches. 

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