Remembering my 1st Phoenix Trip - February 2008

When Matt and Michelle were considering a move from Salt Lake to Phoenix, they went down there on a couple of trips to check out the place. On one of those trips I flew down to meet them, and Melissa and Sean flew in from Las Vegas. Tiffany was already living there, going to school at USU, and then Joni and Zach came from San Diego to visit too! So we got to have a bit of a family reunion that week-end.
It was so nice to be there in February - everything was absolutely beautiful.....palm trees, colorful flowers, green grass!!
We all got together one night for a Mexican dinner at the Tortilla Factory in Scottsdale *yum* and another night we all met up with Joni's brother and sister-in-law, John and Susan, for another fantastic dinner at Charleston's in Chandler.
We also did some house hunting, shopping at the Chandler mall, swimming in the hotel pool and late-night hot tubbing. Lots of fun.
Little did we know at the time, Matt and Michelle would ultimately end up buying a house just a few miles away from the hotel where we stayed!
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