Goin' GaGa for Paul!

Third time was a charm Tuesday night, when Sir Paul came to town! It was a fabulous concert and it was my third time seeing him in person. {lucky girl}  Rumor had it that Lady GaGa was going to be the opening act, but it was all Paul for more than 3 hours, non-stop.  He was so awesome - singing, playing bass guitar, banjo, ukelele, electric guitar, piano.....he still sounds and looks so good! {sigh}  So many great songs that have stood the test of time, some for nearly 50 years! 
The outdoor stadium in SLC was sold out with 24,000 people and everyone really got into it - singing along, cheering, clapping. Paul seemed to be enjoying it as much as the audience! The guys in his band are so super-talented & entertaining, and he said it was a special night for them because it was their 200th show together.
There were three encores and by the end, people were going crazy. So exciting!!! The entire show was fantastic, complete with incredible lighting, video, fireworks and tons of confetti pouring out over the crowd.

A perfect summer night ~

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