Doin' the D.I.

Today I paid a visit to the local DI store. It's similar to the Goodwill, and is a treasure trove of junk/goodies. You never know what you might find there!
Came across this little gem and seriously considered purchasing, but couldn't quite figure out what I'd do with it. The print immediately caught my eye because it was a favorite of mine in the 60's, for heaven's sake!! I used to have a dress with this exact color and pattern when I was in high school!  This darling little case sports a bamboo handle and hot pink interior. So darn cute!!! (For the $2, I may just have to go back and get it, and fix it up for Hailey to keep her treasures in.)

Couldn't pass up these awesome, acrylic Margarita glasses for al fresco dining. I'm thinking they'll be perfect for summer cocktails.
(A girl can't be too careful out on the patio!)

Among the eclectic array of items....
A collection of Elvis hits (the complete collection, no less) right beside a porcelain plate of the Presidents. Oh, my.
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  1. great finds! that little case is too cute!